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All Natural Small FRUIT Box

All Natural Small FRUIT Box


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The perfect size for a lone vegan or vegetarian, a couple who only eat out 3 to 4 times a week, or someone who just wants to start eating healthier. There are enough veggies for 3-4 meals and if you find you have food leftover, the Small Harvest box is the perfect amount to ensure a piece for breakfast and/or lunch each day. All produce in this box is natural, non-gmo!

What's in it?

Apples, 3 (each)
no description available ...see more

Kiwi, 4 (each)
no description available ...see more

Avocado, 2 (each)
no description available ...see more

Navel Orange, 4 (each)
no description available ...see more

Pear, 4 (each)
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