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Rainbow Pepper Green Bean & Zuchinni Bake


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Source: Ashley

10 Minutes
15 to 20 minutes

Great for baking or grilling yummy summer veggies! Super easy to cook, and not alot opf prep or cook time!


Rainbow Peppers

Green Beans


Olive Oil

Salt & Pepper

If you want to add a little "zest of spunk" add a bit of Lemon Juice!


Time to chop your veggies!

Chop up all veggies to the thickness you like. I always do about a half an inch in thickness.

 The green beans I tend to not cut in  half, BUT feel free to!

Place all veggies into a baking pan, OR if your a lucky person with a grill (I live in NYC and do not have a grill) you can also grill these items!! If your going to grill them, toss them all into a grilling basket.


Dash a bit of olive oil over all veggies, add a dash of salt and pepper to your liking.


Bake or grill for about 15 to 20 mins, be sure to toss the veggies around at about 10 mins...


If you want to get a little spunky add a bit of lemon juice after the veggies have cooked!




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