About Us

I started Farmbox Direct with a vision of how food SHOULD be: fresh, and local (when mother nature permits). Having grown up in a family of farmers and living on a farm, I spent summers working at my uncle’s compost in the Midwest, learning how to live off the land, and the benefits of local and organic food! You could say the foundation of Farmbox Direct is in my blood!

After I became a mother I really began to pay very close attention to exactly what was in the food not only I was eating, but also what I was feeding my daughter. I was a busy NYC working mom, I didn't always have time to make a weekly trip to my local farmers market to pick up the freshest and local,  items for my kitchen, I began to realize the true need for this service!

Ashley Tyrner

I decided to step down from the corporate world, and go back to my roots! I personally hand pick every Farm, and Vendor we deal with! My goal is to bring you the Farmers Market in it’s purity to your door! I truly believe everyone deserves the right to eat healthy.

Founder, CEO: Farmbox Direct 

Our Promise

Ashley Tyrner

Our promise is to bring you the freshest produce available. We spend many hours sourcing the best Organic, and Natural produce available to bring to your doorstep. We believe in farm to table, the way food should be!

If you are not happy all you have to do is contact us! We will make it right! You can always reach out to us with comments, questions or concerns. We love hearing from our customers, and always know you can manage your account online anytime!